Working for You Isn't Working for Me: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Boss

By Katherine Crowley, Kathi Elster
The guide for anyone who deals with difficult authority figures at work.
Sooner or later, we all have to work for someone we can't stand-whether it's an inept supervisor, an undermining department head, or an overly demanding client. When that happens, some people quit, some suffer in silence, and others cope by sulking, obsessing, or retaliating.
But you can take charge of this crucial workplace relationship. In this book, Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, authors of the bestseller "Working for You Is Killing Me," offer concrete examples of bad boss scenarios and a proven four-step program for improving each situation:
Detect - Identify how this person drives you crazy.
Detach - Discover concrete actions you can take to reclaim your power.
Depersonalize - Learn how to take a boss's actions less personally.
Deal - Devise a plan to get what you need and move your career forward.



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