X-Men: Fatal Attractions

By Chris Yost (Text by (art/photo books)), Christopher Yost (Text by (art/photo books)), Walter Simonson (Text by (art/photo books)), Stan Lee (Text by (art/photo books)), Howard Mac Kie (Text by (art/photo books)), Terry Kavanagh (Text by (art/photo books)), Alex Irvine (Text by (art/photo books)), Marvel Comics (Text by (art/photo books)), Ben Raab (Text by (art/photo books)), Scott Lobdell (Text by (art/photo books)), Mark Waid (Text by (art/photo books)), Whilce Portacio (Text by (art/photo books)), Peter David (Text by (art/photo books)), Paco Medina (Illustrator), Roy Thomas (Text by (art/photo books)), Steve Englehart (Text by (art/photo books)), Akira Yoshida (Text by (art/photo books)), John Byrne (Illustrator), Tom De Falco (Text by (art/photo books)), Ralph Macchio (Text by (art/photo books)), Pasqual Ferry (Illustrator), James Felder (Text by (art/photo books)), Glenn Herdling (Text by (art/photo books)), John Byrne (Text by (art/photo books)), David Michelinie (Text by (art/photo books)), Louise Simonson (Text by (art/photo books)), Dalibor Talajic (Illustrator), J M Dematteis (Text by (art/photo books)), Peter David (Text by (art/photo books)), Chris Claremont (Text by (art/photo books)), Steve Seagle (Text by (art/photo books)), Tony Bedard (Text by (art/photo books)), Ann Nocenti (Text by (art/photo books)), Fabian Nicieza (Text by (art/photo books)), Cully Hamner (Text by (art/photo books)), J M De Matteis (Text by (art/photo books)), John Francis Moore (Text by (art/photo books)), Jeph Loeb (Text by (art/photo books)), Steve Skroce (Illustrator), Brandon Peterson (Illustrator), Larry Hama (Text by (art/photo books)), Gerry Conway (Text by (art/photo books)), Benny Powell (Text by (art/photo books)), Kurt Busiek (Text by (art/photo books)), Peter Milligan (Text by (art/photo books)), Jim Lee (Illustrator), John Buscema (Illustrator), Trevor Hairsine (Illustrator), Jack Kirby (Illustrator), Warren Ellis (Text by (art/photo books)), Joe Quesada (Text by (art/photo books)), Richard Bennett (Illustrator), Terry Dodson (Illustrator), Roger Cruz (Illustrator), Mat Broome (Illustrator), Melvin Rubi (Illustrator), Luke Ross (Illustrator), Rob Liefeld (Illustrator), Frank Tieri (Text by (art/photo books)), Walter Mc Daniel (Illustrator), Richard Bennett (Illustrator), Gene Ha (Illustrator), Adam Pollina (Illustrator), Keith Pollard (Illustrator), Jon Bogdanove (Illustrator), John Romita (Illustrator), Bryan Hitch (Illustrator), Joe Madureira (Illustrator), John Bolton (Illustrator), Chris Bachalo (Illustrator), Andy Kubert (Illustrator), Neal Adams (Illustrator), Marcello Frusin (Illustrator), Jim Califiore (Illustrator), Greg Capullo (Illustrator), Joe Bennett (Illustrator), June Brigman (Illustrator), Richard Bennett (Illustrator), Guang Yap (Illustrator), Aron Wiesenfeld (Illustrator), Pascal Alixe (Illustrator), Todd Mc Farlane (Illustrator), Tom Raney (Illustrator), John Paul Leon (Illustrator), John Byrne (Illustrator), Steve Epting (Illustrator), Paul Smith (Illustrator), Clayton Henry (Illustrator), Sal Buscema (Illustrator), Ian Churchill (Illustrator), Kyle Hotz (Illustrator), Rurik Tyler (Illustrator), Rick Leonardi (Illustrator), Tony Daniel (Illustrator), Andy Smith (Illustrator), Hector Gomez (Illustrator), Jae Lee (Illustrator), Brent Anderson (Illustrator), Jim Cheung (Illustrator), Paul Smith (Illustrator)
The thrilling saga that commemorated the X-Men's 30th anniversary is brought to you in its entirety! As Magneto's Acolytes amp up their attacks on Homosapiens everywhere, the X-teams join forces to put an end to their mad crusade against humanity once and for all. And as a mysterious disease begins creeping through the mutant community, claiming the lives of hated foe and dear friend alike, which X-Man will buckle under the strain?
COLLECTING: UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) 298-300, 303-304, 315; X-FACTOR (1986) 92; X-FORCE (1991) 25; X-MEN UNLIMITED (1993) 2; X-MEN (1991) 25


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ISBN: 9780785189763

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Publisher Marvel Comics
Publish date 05/17/2016
Pages 352
ISBN-13 9780785189763
Language English

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