The Xyz Factor: The Dosomething.Org Guide to Creating a Culture of Impact

By Nancy Lublin, Alyssa Ruderman
What is the XYZ factor?
The XYZ Factor isn't a place or a company or an age. It's a new kind of culture where innovation, accessibility, and transparency are the norm. It's an environment created on the principles of the Millennial generation to foster intergenerational productivity in a new kind of office culture. An XYZ organization's employees are challenged, engaged, and excited to produce. Simply put, XYZ companies have an "it" factor that helps them rise above the competition.
Any company can become an XYZ company. This book is your blueprint.
Each chapter is written by a staff member. Their firsthand experience with, an organization that helps young people make the world suck less, gives them exceptional insights into working magic in the corporate world. And with over 3 million members and more than 200 active campaigns, such as collecting clothes for teenagers in homeless shelters, helping older adults learn to use technology, and creating anti-bullying comics, is a standout organization--not only for its message, but for the way it operates.
When you open "The XYZ Factor," you're getting the recipe for the awesome sauce that has driven the success of the world's largest organizations for young people and social change. This guidebook is your key to answering the questions your company has looming over its cubicles, such as:
How do I create an office environment that fosters collaboration and creativity?
How do I form the right partnerships that appeal to our brand and our audience?
How do I authentically reach the Millennial generation?
If you want to take your business or organization from okay to amazing, you need "The XYZ Factor."

"In a world where 'okay' just isn't good enough any more, "The XYZ Factor" stands out as a new approach to a more engaged community-oriented business structure, and will prove especially inviting to businesses actively looking to change." --"Midwest Book Review" "Nancy Lublin lives it. Every single day, she and her remarkable team are inventing the future, and they're not shy about sharing what works. Get some before it's too late." --Seth Godin, bestselling author and thought leader " practices what it preaches in this must-read book that provides insights, tips, and examples of how your organization can create a new kind of culture where innovation, accessibility, and transparency are normal." --Beth Kanter, trainer, speaker, and author of "Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media" " operates like a great Silicon Valley start-up, but in New York City and focused on a social mission of enabling teens to improve the world. Whether you are a business seeking new innovative practices, a non-profit seeking use of technology and community, or just interested in social impact--I recommend this book." --Reid Hoffman, cofounder and executive chairman of LinkedIn ""The XYZ Factor" shows why has consistently been rated a 'top place to work' breaking down the secret sauce and making it possible for any workplace to become as creative, innovative, and gutsy as this one." --Neil Blumenthal, Co-CEO of Warby Parker ""The XYZ Factor" breaks down's formula for creating a strong, innovative workplace culture. Organizations of all kinds and generational makeups can benefit from their insight on employee empowerment and fostering effective team dynamics." --Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP


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