A Yacht Voyage to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden (Dodo Press)

By W A Ross
"I believe the old Italian proverb says, that every man, before he dies, should do three things: "Get a son, build a house, and write a book. " Now, whether or not I am desirous, by beginning at the end, to end at the beginning of this quaint axiom, I leave the reader to conjecture. My book may afford amusement to him who will smile when I am glad, and sympathise with the impressions I have caught in other moods of mind; but I have little affinity of feeling, and less companionship with him who expects to see pictures of life coloured differently from those I have beheld. "


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About the Paperback

Publisher Dodo Press
Publish date 08/14/2009
Pages 310
ISBN-13 9781409970330
ISBN-10 1409970337
Language English