Yak and Gnu

By Juliette Mac Iver
Lively good humor is afloat--along with an armada of adventurous animals--in this silly seafaring tale.

A romp in the river with Yak in his kayak and Gnu in his canoe leads to a safari full of unusual nautical discoveries. A goat in a boat? A calf on a raft? A whole flotilla of whales and gorillas? No matter how many other strange sailors they come across, Yak and Gnu are certain there is no other beast quite like either of them. Climb aboard for a nonsensical voyage featuring an eclectic collection of embarked animals, awash in rhyme and tongue twisters perfect for reading aloud.



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About the Hardcover

Publisher Not available
Publish date 06/09/2015
Pages 32
ISBN-13 9780763675615
ISBN-10 076367561X
Language English

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