You Need More Money: Wake Up and Solve Your Financial Problems Once and for All

By Matt Manero
Whoever you are, whatever your financial situation, I'm here to give you a wake-up call, my friend.

Twenty-five years ago, I set off on my own with nothing but a folding table and a phone. For years, real success eluded me. I told people I was doing well when I was often on the edge of being broke.

Millions of people face the same plight--including my beloved brother-in-law, who died tragically before he could fix his money problems. That was MY wake-up call. I knew I needed more money, but I didn't know how to get it. I only turned things around by getting honest with myself, taking responsibility for my situation, and figuring out some practical solutions. Now I'm going to show you how to do the same.

In polite society, we don't like to talk about money. But it's too important to tiptoe around. In these pages, you and I are going to cut the BS and get real. For starters, I'll help you understand . . .

* How the money has moved. Stop making decisions based on advice that worked decades ago, but no longer.

* The dangers of living in a "False Positive." It's easy to tell ourselves that we have enough-- until we're hit with medical bills, aging parents, tuition, or early retirement.

* The cheap comfort of the blamer mind-set: It might feel good to blame the government, the economy, or your boss for your troubles, but it won't change anything. Do you want an excuse, or do you want more money?

* The power of "Lifestyle by Design." Visualize your long-term goal and work backward to figure out how to get there.

* The trade-offs of being an employer or employee. You can get rich by starting a business or by rising to the top of an existing organization.

Let's figure out what's right for you. It's going to take grit and guts, but if you follow my road map, you'll start accumulating real wealth, the kind that lets you live the life of your dreams and lasts for generations to come.

WHY YOU NEED YOU NEED MORE MONEY "You Need More Money is a must-read. Manero and the concepts in this book will wake you up and change the way you think about money forever!" --GRANT CARDONE, author of Be Obsessed or Be Average; founder of Cardone University and Cardone Capital

"If you don't do something with life, life will do something with you. Manero gives us a step-by-step approach for how not to be pushed around in any area of our lives--especially in our finances." --TIM STOREY, author and life coach

"If you can create a 'Lifestyle by Design, ' you will be able to say you have lived a life of abundance. Save yourself twenty-five years of hard knocks and do what Matt Manero tells you to do." --LEWIS SCHIFF, author of Business Brilliant; founder of the Business Owners Council

"Don't fool yourself . . . YOU NEED MORE MONEY. Matt's wake-up call and road map will help you get there if you have the courage to follow them. You have the courage. It lives in all of us." --BRAD LEA, founder of LightSpeed VT

"Don't compromise on your dreams. Read this book to discover how to make enough money to live the life you want, whether that means leading a billion-dollar business or taking a year off to climb Mount Everest." --ALISON LEVINE, author of On the Edge

"Americans' lack of financial security is far too common. You Need More Money forces you to deal with the truth of your current financial situation and gives you the roadmap you havE been looking for" --ED MYLETT, Peak Performance Leader and Fortune Top 50 Entrepreneur


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