Your Life Calling: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life

By Jane Pauley
Jane Pauley, America s baby boomer (Tom Brokaw), offers an inspirational guidebook chockablock with keen insights for career transitions Compelling ("USA TODAY").
In 2014, every baby boomer will have reached the milestone age of fifty. For most, it s not an end, but the beginning of something new. Research has shown that people in their fifties are more vital now than they were only ten years ago. They re saying, I m game, I m up for it, I want to do more. Jane Pauley, one of America s most beloved and trusted broadcast journalists, offers humor and insight about the journey forward. The "New York Times" bestseller "Your Life Calling" is a fresh look at ideas that have been simmering since boomers first entered midlife with a different perspective on the future than any generation before: that there was more to come and perhaps the best of all.
Jane is not an advice giver but a storyteller. Here she tells her own and introduces readers to the fascinating people she has featured on her award-winning "Today" show segment, Life Reimagined Today. You ll meet Betsy McCarthy, who traded in her executive briefcase for knitting needles; Gid Pool, who launched a career as a stand-up comic; Richard Rittmaster, who joined the National Guard Chaplain Corps; Trudy Lundgren, who took her home on the road in an RV; Paulie Gee, who opened a successful pizzeria in Brooklyn; and many more.
Jane Pauley is a wonderful guide to all the different ways you can open new doors in life, many of which lead to unexpected places. She shows with humor and insight why the journey to reinvention can come from all kinds of places and produce all kinds of joys (Michael J. Fox). "Your Life Calling" is delightful, compelling, and motivating for anyone asking What am I going to do with my supersized life? "

"Sadly, we're too old now to believe we're going to live forever. But we ARE going to live longer than any generation in history. So what shall we do with that information? Jane sees opportunities I'd missed until I read her book. Not only did she cheer me up about aging; she inspired me. But Jane has always done that."--Linda Ellerbee, journalist and author
"Jane Pauley is America's baby boomer--taking us through those formative years to what next? Here she tells us in instructive, humorous, and utterly useful ways. I learned a lot--and so will you."--Tom Brokaw


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Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publish date 12/30/2014
Pages 272
ISBN-13 9781476733784
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