Your Lion Inside - Tapping Into the Power Within

By Kimberly Faith

Is The Glass Ceiling Also A Mirror?

To create a culture that values what women bring to the table, what comes first – collective change or individual change? Do they have to change first – or do you?

As long as you believe “they” are the problem and the answer is “out there,” you will never fully tap into the power that lies inside of you – inside of each of us. How you see yourself. That’s the leverage no one is talking about. Change your words – change your world. The way you see yourself each day is the answer you seek.

The Sisterhood of Seven is a light in the darkness for all women: a manual of truth and a manifesto of hope. The Sisterhood will show you how to rewrite your personal narrative, day-by- day, decision by decision. When we each do this and truly own our piece of the narrative, there will be a collective ROAR so loud that everyone will listen. The glass ceiling will come crumbling down. At last, sweet sisters, at last.

It starts with Your Lion Inside. Right here. Right now.


Kimberly Faith has had the privilege to train and coach over 24,000 leaders from companies including Amazon, American Airlines, BMW, DELL, GE, HCA, Nielsen and Target, as well as worked on licensing deals with Warner Brothers and Disney. She has inspired leaders from thirty-three countries spanning twenty-one industries and led workshops in Canada, Dubai, France, Italy and Singapore. Her experiences as a teacher, coach and speaker taught her new ways to thinking that can revolutionize the way women see themselves, each other and the world. A self-professed thought alchemist, Kim’s personal journey is living proof of the true power of transformation waiting for you, too.


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