Stronger Through Adversity

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Stronger Through Adversity

by Michelli Joseph
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From business guru Joseph Michelli—the leadership lessons you need navigate your team and company through the greatest business crisis in modern history, for long-lasting success

Within days of COVID-19 disrupting the business world, Joseph Michelli began asking senior leaders at major companies about their specific challenges and how they were meeting them, getting raw yet thoughtful real-time insights into the greatest business crisis in generations.

Now, in Stronger through Adversity, Michelli provides the invaluable wisdom he gained from 140+ top global business leaders on all aspects of leading through and beyond COVID, including crisis management, keeping employees and customers safe, maintaining a culture of engagement, rapidly innovating, and more. You’ll find winning leadership methods based on interviews with leaders of Target, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Feeding America, United Way, Verizon, Southwest Airlines, Goldman Sachs, and H&R Block.

In addition to actionable advice for leading through crises, you’ll find inspirational stories about how the featured leaders triaged problems unlike any they had ever encountered, pivoted their focus and actions on a daily basis, and managed their teams and businesses in the most extreme conditions.

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